Today in the pod, we have a pioneer in the game. James “Prohgress” Roh @prohfm of @fareastmovement has been putting it down in the music industry for years. From grinding it hard in their early years to getting signed to Interscope Records. 

Taking the leap to starting their own label and management company @transparentfeed, Proh talks about everything from the highest of successes to the tough lessons of life in the industry as well as building and maintaining a business with some of his closest friends.

His transparency and wisdom from just being a seasoned vet is simply enlightening and absolutely golden.


Early in the interview Proh mentions the cow skull music cover.  I won't link to it here but you should search:

Black Crowes - Amorica

Explicit warning haha.

The track that made it onto the Tokyo Drift Soundtrack is called Round Round.

Round Round.

Recap to IdentityLA 2018.  You might see your friendly neighborhood dance crew at 00:48:

IdentityLA Recap 2018

There was a quick mention of Wong Fu Productions and their new show Yappie

Wong Fu Production's Yappie Ep 2:  "Bad Asian"

You might see you're friendly neighborhood dance studio (winky smiley face)


Something that blew my mind was when Proh talked about how Bruno Mars threw them Girls on the Dance Floor.  G6 and Girls on the Dance Floor were major hits in the era.


Girls on the Dance Floor


I couldn't get the direct link to the Dash Radio channel but its called, Identity Asia.

Heres the link to the Facebook Page.


1:11:00 James answered Ben's question regarding what he would have done differently:

If I were to do it again, I would take the big money shows, I would invest in myself, I would only do my own tours, not do support slots and stay home, work more on my own music and be able to have my own life.  I woulda done that.


This is interesting because its so relatable to everything.  INVEST IN YOURSELF.  Work on yourself and be better and live the life you want to live.

I'm a little reluctant to share this one but we talk about Will Smith A LOT on the PodKast and its only fair we link to the show in Croatia where he performed the 128.

Get Lit

I'll let you decide.

at 1:22 you can see FM get down with Snoop!

Doggumentary Tour in Malta



Accept your flaws. Once you know more about yourself and your own limitations and you understand other people and you understand that they’re flawed and that everybody makes mistakes.  Once you have that I think there is a lot more peace in you, you know cuz you can’t be perfect and just knowing that you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re friends are gonna make mistakes and that’s just the way it is. Gives you a lot more peace.
— Prohgress