Alternate Title:  Can't Go Wrong with Karen Chuang

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When you fully commit yourself to something, then you’re essentially opening your hands and letting it fall in but when you’re not fully commited theres still a little reservation and maybe youre hands are still closed and you’re not ready to do whatever it is and to me I think that’s what dance was;  taking that job I wasn’t ready to let go of whatever I was still holding onto…


My dad has always said to me, “You can do whatever you want with your life, you can do anything, I’m not going to tell you what to do but as long as you can feed yourself and you can put a roof over your head you do whatever you like.”


I think that’s when I realized that connecting is so important in class.  Whether if you’re 5 or if you’re 50.  Like if you can connect with people and make them feel comfortable and make the feel interested and that to me sort of  when I look at it now on a broader scale everything is like that.  Even within just regular academic school some of the most boring subjects that I had in college were the most interesting because I loved my professors.  I think like I took like a history of Los Angeles Economics or something it was just very bland topic and I ended up doing a whole honors research paper on it because my professor was really cool.  She just made it so interesting for me.



I feel like I’ve never…I definitely believe for myself that there is something greater than where I’m at now. I’ don’t believe that or I don’t want to believe or want this sort of to be the peak of my…my application of leadership skills and organizational skills.  I definitely believe that theres some things that I’m still working toward.


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On Success:

I define success by the balance you’re able to create in fulfilling your own dreams as well as facilitating the fulfillment of the dreams of people that you care about.


Golden Rule:

Wherever you go…there you are.  So this idea that you can’t change your circumstance you can potentially change your perspective on it.


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