This week we have gamer turned entrepreneur Eden Chen!

Eden shares his story from barely getting by in high school to finding success in the stock market.  He outlines his philosophy on life and growth hacking all the way into different business ventures.

He is a creator creating interesting things.  Listen in on how life hacks can only get you so far; life hacks aren't a substitution for skill.

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The importance of observations | Eden Chen | TEDxInstitutLeRosey

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<00:05:24>  Origin story growing up in D.C. / Parents / moving to Hong Kong / Sibling

<00:09:23>  Top 10 World of Warcraft Player / Childhood life & getting into trouble

<00:12:32>  Basketball, Gaming and Music.  / Finding church Junior year.

<00:15:29>  Addictive personality translating to religion.

<00:19:27> Taking easy classes and doing well giving confidence to start really trying to study hard to pass.

<00:20:07>  Philosophy major and aspiration to be a Youth Pastor.

<00:21:00>  Learning about stocks because of prerequisites for finance.

<00:22:12>  Started trading Sophomore year with savings from working at Starbucks.

<00:26:55> 20 years old starting a hedge fund.

<00:27:49>  Existential crisis and finding an itch to create because of creative parents. / Family troubles / Moving to LA and working at a church.

<00:31:22>  Going out talking about tech and figuring it out along the way. / Start of Fishemen Labs.

<00:34:58>  Service provider for apps to Virtual/Augmented Reality.

<00:38:17>  The Silicon Valley Hustle. / Value for control and flexibility for Fishermen Labs.

<00:39:34>  Cash flow generation. / Creators wanting to create interesting products.

<00:41:25>  Planning for flexibility as the end goal.

<00:43:23>  Small team that executes on really high value projects.

<00:45:27>  Growing pains creating a system to make a dance brand work.

<00:47:29>  Delegating and empowering employees to learn and fail.


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<00:49:09> Forbes life hacks.  Listen closely haha!

<00:54:29>  Growth hacking.

<00:57:45>  Not just talking the talk, its also about knowing how to walk the walk. / Talent vs. Skill.

<00:59:55>  Don't be too cool for school.

<01:01:42>  Always being a creator.  / Creation of Common Foods.  / Craft Ramen.

<01:03:32>  Foundation focused on getting education opportunities to lower income communities. / Coding bootcamps, pitching dreams and finding out what the people are good at.  Focusing in on improving their skills.

<01:06:29>  The Remix Project. / Sonar Teams

<01:08:13>  Do the work, no shortcuts.  Life hacks are not a substitute for skill.

<01:11:03>  Shoutout to Nipsey Hussle.

<01:14:14>  Defining Success.

Creating really amazing things that shape culture in a positive way and doing so in a way that's unique to me and on my own terms.

<01:19:26>  LIGHTNING ROUND!!!


<1:24:58> GOLDEN RULE

Only one life till soon be passed only what is done for Christ will last.