<00:04:04>  Origins in the Bay Area, CA.  Starting dance to hang out with a friend.  First song Sorah ever choreographed.

<00:06:13>  High School class president.  Started choreographing during homecoming.

<00:08:21>  Resources in movement vocabulary.

<00:09:19>  Sorah talks about choosing basketball and sports or competitive studio dance.

<00:13:41>  Parents involvement and support in transitioning from high school to college.

<00:14:11>  Moving to Southern California, attending USC, full course load and financial independence.   Working 20 hours a week and joining GRV.

<00:15:44>  Snapshot of College Experience.

<00:18:43>  How helping out at home gave her discipline.  Hustling for boba money.

<00:21:29>  Wanting to be great at dance for the love not the pursuit.

<00:22:48>  The shift into full time work after graduating college.

<00:25:25>  Being ready to choreograph for GRV.

<00:33:36>  Artistic Integrity and Accountability.

<00:36:09>  Spreading empowering messages into started a clothing line.

<00:38:18>  Your authentic self and hustle.  Passion for fashion.

<00:40:29>  Associating feeling and mood with clothing and dance.  Assigning meanings for things.


<00:45:13>  In Session with Karen Chuang.




<00:54:09>  TEDx Sorah Yang

<00:59:32>  URBAN PARADISE 2019

<1:06:48>  Would you say that you're living your dream right now?

<1:07:51>  Figuring out whats next.

<1:11:34>  Definition of Success.

Doing what you love and being good to people along the way.


<1:16:57>  GOLDEN RULE

Do small things with great love.