Sean Lew is a 17-year-old prodigy from California.  He is a Creative Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Actor, Host, Singer, Pianist, Award Winning Chef, Influencer & Video Editor. He graduated High School at 15 years old.

Calling him a dance prodigy is difficult because he started at 4 years old and WORKED HARD at it ever since.  He is incredibly passionate about learning and extremely talented.

The future is here and its only upward momentum from here!  Enjoy!


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<00:11:29>  Sean describes the styles he started with and keeping your tools sharpened.

<00:14:46>  Finding his style and making sure originality is in the forefront.

<00:15:42>  The importance of teaching for the right reasons

<00:17:21>  Growing up with Social Media

<00:21:59>  Mentors.

<00:27:10>  World of Dance.

<00:44:35>  Keeping education alive.

<00:49:56> Learning thru conversation.

<00:54:36> Chef Sean.

<1:00:00>  Life Longevity.

<1:02:11>  Lewser.

<1:06:47> Outside of Dance.

<1:09:57> Acting and translating it into dance.

<1:13:08>  Success!

<1:13:38>  Lightning Round.

<1:19:27>  Golden Rule.

"Where there is Love, there is Life."