Brian Puspos is a World Renowned Artist.   Not speaking solely of what we know of his dance and choreography but he also puts WORK into music as well as fashion.  So much so that it causes what he calls an imbalance in personal life to excel in things he is  incredibly passionate about.

I love how in this episode we get to really peak into who Brian is as a person as well as what drives his artistry and how he deals with the ever ongoing trials of life.


Kin Aesthetik

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On Success:

I think when you get to a position where you could…I tell this to Pat Cruz all the time when I try to get him to do stuff is like, "Memories over money man."  And we can get to a position, a state of mind where you could actually believe that?  I think that’s…that's success.

…also when I do take care of my parents before they leave this earth you know I do it because I want to get them out of one story house with no steps. So I think that would be the goal.


Less social media and like more just more just real life things. You know I'm saying. If you just take a second to remember what that's even like. Yeah. Like holy crap. Right. You know I think it was such a more healthy way of living. Yeah but it's like I said and I can only describe it as the gift and the curse. Because it's it's definitely changed a lot of people's lives for the better. You know including us to this day.


Golden Rule

Learn yourself be comfortable with yourself.

So I think and if you want to project the best vision of yourself I think you're got to be comfortable with yourself. Gonna Learn all the bads and goods.