This week on the Pod we have superwoman Minji Chang!

Minji's story starts in Northern California and continues down to SoCal where she is on the pursuit for the life less ordinary.

Her will to succeed has definitely brought her to destinations unknown but she approaches every decision with thought, patience and the mindset to overcome any odd in her way.

Listen up and take notes, she definitely drops some pop culture easter eggs that might help you unlock a different path.  ENJOY!


(02:57)  Board of Directors of Kollaboration showcase and competition and how Ben and Minji met.

(04:56)  Originally from Northern California and quest hopping around the Bay Area.

(07:20)  What made you want to be a good student?

(09:14)  Extracurricular activities?

(10:29)  Being a pop culture fiend.

(11:27)  What made you want to make the move to L.A.?

<12:57)  Minji goes in talking about how being a doctor was ingrained in her brain and she was on course going even as far as doing her high school senior project on plastic surgery.

(14:44)  Moving to L.A. for Kollaboration.

(17:27)  San Francisco chapter of Kollaboration.

(20:11)  Working the 9-5.

(21:37)  The conflict of the American dream vs. Asian-American ideology.

(23:05)  Violence prevention and the start of Kollaboration San Francisco.

(26:56)  The real reason she wanted to produce shows.

(28:39) Leaving the clear, safe path for something fulfilling.


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(31:53) The relentless pursuit of passion.

(34:53)  What made you want to step down from being the director?

(38:02)  Acting, writing and creating.

(38:41)  Solutions for the issue of racism and systemic unconscious bias.

(44:06)  Learning to listen to your inside voice.

(48:22) Producing her first feature documentary

(49:58)  Oprah.

(53:05)  Finding the balance the storm and just breathe.

(54:28)  Psychological drain, Miracle Morning and building better habits.

(57:00) First of All Podcast.

(58:19)  How would you define success?


(01:02:10)  GOLDEN RULE!!!