(00:03:35) Tu gives us a breakdown of how she was born in Taiwan then her family emigrated to the States when she was 7 months old.

(00:05:38) The formation of Ultimate Brawl.  Spoiler alert it used to have sports!

(00:07:17)  Her pursuit of dance as a professional.  She briefly mentions jobs she booked then found the "Industry" world not so supportive like how the community is.

(00:08:33)  Family life.

  • Eve

(00:09:26)  Tu loved chemistry in high school and wanted to be a pharmacist, but in college the wrong professors and long hours in a lab changed her view on a career.

(00:11:02)  Being a natural born leader.

(00:13:38)  How are you able to turn to as a dancer to to as somebody who manages and produces events and still builds business and platforms for dance to exist?

(00:15:29)  Making her family proud.  Living the good life.

(00:17:47)  How did you get into the studio manager role at Jayvee?

(00:18:51)  Making the jump from a full time career to surround yourself with dance.

(00:20:11) The creation of Elements Dance Space.

(00:24:50)  Full time parent, full time wife, full time studio owner/manager, full time Operations for Kinjaz --  How do you manage all of it?

(00:27:20)  Color Test!

(00:30:51)  Treat others how THEY want to be treated!

(00:37:40)  What do you do for personal development?

(00:41:07)  Typical day.

(00:43:13)  Operation on 5-6 hours of sleep.

(00:44:10)  Meditating with Headspace.

(00:46:35)  What do you do when you get burnt out?

(00:48:13)  Learning to say no and self-awareness.

(00:49:58)  What sort of passion do you have in wanting to build with the Kinjaz?


(00:55:54)  How do you define success?

(00:56:40)  LIGHTNING ROUND!!!

(01:01:25)  Less of More of.

(01:02:12)  What is your Golden Rule?

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