This week on the PodKast we have Yoda, Mr. Dance Historian himself, the creator of Kaba Modern, a living legend in the dance community, the one and only and our Kinja brother Arnel Calvario!

Side note but also in the forefront Arnel not only is a pioneer in So-Cal/West Coast dance culture but he is also a Dr. in Occupational Therapy.  He's not just an overachiever, he is OUR overachiever.  #kinjabang


Arnel mentions that Kaba Modern (Kababayan Modern Dance Suite circa 1992) was a branch off of Kabayan, UC Irvine's Filipino-American Cultural Club.

Heres a recap I found on Arnel and the Origins of Kaba Modern:


Vibe Dance Competition:

Leej Razalan:

Kayamanan Ng Lahi

Filipino Cultural Club that Arnel's Aunt ran if you want to find out more info.


So sometimes I think like the best things happen just from good intentions.  I had a good intention and kind of by accident I misread something but I think it was meant to be.

It was hard to dig up some of Bust A Groove clips that were mentioned but I think some of these paint a pretty good picture of the era:


Also Arnel talked about groups like Jedi Clan, Housin' Authority, Chain Reaction, & Mind Over Matter

Here are a few clips to get started but feel free to do your own digging into this culture.


We just wanted to expand the face of hip hop to be inclusive of Asian Americans also, you know what I mean, to really give kids an idea out there, kids/adults, anyone who really loves dance that its possible.  You know and we’re deserving to be known as other things, martial artist, you know other stereotypical images on media.


Kinjaz is the embodiment of the Inner Circle, I’m not on the outside of the circle anymore—-The power of Kinjaz is the kin. You know and that resonates with me because again that’s what I’ve always wanted my whole life, you know what I mean I wanted it my whole life and I want that for everyone I care about—-I think everyone deserves to be included in something special.


Advice to the upcoming generation:

Just know that life is a combination of making things happen and letting things happen. There are things that you need to take action/initiative and bring the right people together to make happen but theres also a grace in having faith that things are gonna come together and some things are out of your control and you need to trust in the process and trust in the journey. So I always say its both. Its making things happen and allowing things to happen as well.


Everyone needs a mentor.  We’re not meant to know everything at every stage of our life.  You can do things well on your own, but when you have a mentor or you’re with a group that’s encouraging you can get there faster and better.

Here are a few of the "Future" Arnel was talking about.  Each and every one of these kids is gifted and if you haven't heard of them

Arnel's Favorite Book:

Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom



Give Love Receive Love Be Love.

For more info on Roots B4 Branches, Leadership Tools,  or the upcoming Dance Therapy Program message Arnel on Instagram or email him at