Today on the Kinjaz PodKast we have our brother, THE CHOSEN ONE, THE CREATOR, THE CLOSER, Vinh Nguyen.

He talks on his dance history growing up in San Diego, his creative approach, and gives us insight into the ongoing conversation of dance vs. school.  Enjoy!


The Dark Knight - Christopher Nolan


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C. Maxwell

6:06 - Resume

6:43 - Whats your choreography process?  How do you do what you do?

7:00 - Whats your creative process? Broken down in 3 stages.

  1. Learning how to do your craft.  Learning how to use your tool.

  2. How do you express or find it in your own voice? Be genuine.

  3. Whats it all for?  Whats the purpose?  Finding the relatability.

 18:40 - Dance history time.

23:18 - Finally answering about becoming a dance professional traveling and teaching.

25:05 - Traveling and teaching being a possible career vs pleasing parents and finishing school.


Along that thought too I also get questions from younger kids or even kids in college who are like, “Dance is only thing that brings me happiness, how can I do this thing or should I like finish school.”  They’re asking not even me, I’m sure you guys you know, “What do I do?”  and in that sense its like um…I think for me is…


Count the Cost.  You know like its not laid in your lap.  If I say yeah do it,  then you’re gonna succeed…If you really wanna pursue and like make this your mission to be happy and give up things like that I’m honestly not telling you to quit school.  School is so important but like its really counting the cost like what do you wanna pursue and how hard are you going to work at this because every dancer or aspiring person that you see in front of you that you look up to, even the men in this room, is like we counted the cost and we said this is what we love and we’re gonna work our blood sweat and tears to make it happen so even in that sense its like, are you willing to do that too?

30:07 - Thoughts on inspiration?


 If you can find a way to like, scale it, and look around the corner and be like hmm, how can I pass this?  Maybe I just won’t go this way I’ll take the long way around.  You know its like finding new inspiration for yourself to see the world in a way that you never had before.

41:16 - Working out your dance muscle.

Its like a muscle right?  Its like if you want to keep doing what you do, you maintain it or you make it stronger so like, working out 3 - 4 times a week whether it be like strength conditioning, endurance training or literally just repetition of moves is definitely important and key.

41:54 - Dance is our sport!

44:20 - Approach to choreographical expression.

45:30 - Aspirations outside of dance/future goals.


Divide.  I think in the current state of our country its just undeniable that we’re divided and its um theres a lot of hate and just ignorance going around.  Less of that more of empathy.  I think if people had more natural empathy to put their feet into the shoes another man the more understanding there would be of one another.


Always strive to learn something new.  Never settle for less.