<00:03:13>  JD's Backstory.

<00:04:54>  The real reason for dancing.   Start of learning choreography.

  • Motion Underground

<00:06:51>  Small trip to LA sparked a new love for dance.  Finding out that a career could be made out of dance.

<00:11:09>  Learning from the Legends.

<00:13:45>  Booked and Blessed.   Auditioning for Bloc Talent Agency.

<00:15:14>  Being Asian-American in the Industry.

<00:17:28>  Learning about other "Asians."

<00:23:25>  Hitchhiking from San Francisco to LA.

<00:27:02>  The passion for dance driving his ambition.

<00:30:42>  Dance and its cocky arrogance.  Practicing your craft and knowing your good can make people see you in a different light.

<00:32:48>  Big Tours and Big Artists letting dancers shine.

<00:36:48>  Having that X Factor and being loud with your skill.



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<00:38:36>  How crashing an audition helped him book first major job on a Pepsi campaign.

<00:40:43>  Being on his first tour with the biggest artists of the time and at 18 finding out he had a daughter.

<00:45:15>  Processing that you're a parent while still trying to find yourself.

<00:55:07>  Giving back and the creation of #HashtagLunchbag.

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<01:03:21>  The Living through Giving Foundation and onward.

<01:05:02>  Current goals and aspirations.

<01:06:53>  What's the secret sauce?

<01:08:29>  How do you define success?


<01:15:07>  GOLDEN RULE.