On this weeks episode we have the vegan b-girl extraordinaire, Logan "Logistix" Edra.  She has appeared on Ellen, So You Think You Can Dance, Lip Sync Battle, LSB Shortie's, at Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour, and Dance Off Juniors just to name a few.

She full on reps her crews Underground Flow and The Lab from NBC's World of Dance.

**Warning** In our effort to improve the quality of the show overall we've been trying to up the game and introduce video just in case our listeners wanted to connect the visual aspect to our auditory experience.  We have had hiccups along the way and although small we are trying our best to learn as we go.  With that said sit back, relax, and enjoy!**

On the PodKast we discuss the Daddy/Daughter dynamic between her and her father, Herren, dance inspirations, words of wisdom, and shares her love for podcasts.  Did we mention she was 15?



Heres Logan's full performance from Arena Dance Experience Los Angeles 2018 which she choreographed ALL on her own.

Logistix | Arena LA 2018 [@VIBRVNCY Front Row 4K]

Logan is no stranger to the stage.  Here is her solo from WODLA 2017.

Logistx | FrontRow | World of Dance Los Angeles 2017 | #WODLA17

At around 30:15 Herren talks about parenting and knowing when you're pushing your kids too far.  Its always a dangerous line when you know your child really loved something then all of a sudden they want to stop doing it.  Herren's awareness speaks volumes about his trust in Logan to make the correct decision for herself.  A+ parenting and friendship:

—At that point I knew I had to be like, you know what I can no longer be like this—-and let her do everything organically.  And I think for parents—-Its like one of those things where…like a sport or dance or something that your kid is really good at is that you gotta find what their boundaries are, cuz if you don’t they just end up hating the very thing that like they used to love and that they’re so good at—my advice for parents would just be to watch that, monitor that.  You got your kids that are really special in something that really excel in something don’t let them get burnt out from it—
— Herren Edra

Heres a couple of the mindblowingly perfect performances from the recent season of NBC's World of Dance.

The Lab Disrupts to N.E.R.D's "Lemon" - World of Dance 2018 (Full Performance)

Logan proclaimed her love of podcasts and here are her recommendations:

Actualized.org Youtube


Tony Robbins on iTunes


Logan's choreography collab with Ako "Swag" Honda

 Ako Swag x Logan Logistx Choreography - Collab Class at The Lab

Logan's Law of Attraction

I’ve noticed the more I put into something obviously the more I get out of it. Like manifesting it in like almost every way possible whether that’s thinking about it  or like visualizing exactly what I want…—-I did that for the arena solo because I knew…I want this to be something like so great and so like every ounce of work I was just like I have to really work hard for this and manifest something so special—and the outcome was more than what I thought it could be.  It was crazy.


Golden Rule(s)

Find something like a gift or talent that you have and figure out how that can help the world.

Always do something that is out of your comfort zone or its so vague I feel like the only way for things to evolve is change and doing things that aren't contained in this homeostasis sort of state.  Getting out of your box in every aspect.


Instagram: @logistix_ugf

Facebook: http://facebook.com/loganedra

Youtube:  http://youtube.com/loganedra

Underground Flow

Mpact - @mpact_lor

Villn - @villnlor

Valpal - @valpalugf