This week we have dance community OG and CEO of Body Rock/Body Rock JR, ANNA SARAO!  She hosts and produces her own Podcast on Youtube, BOBA TALK!

Anna breaks down the origins or her dance journey and how it culminated in growing our competitive dance scene.  Without her efforts we wouldn't have had the platforms that were in place for us to level up our own dance styles.

She is a strong, absolutely authentic, powerful woman and a true inspiration to us all.  The dance community has much to thank Anna for all she has done and continues to do.


Kaboom Squad - Bust-A-Groove 2000

Rynan Paguio -

Eddie Gutierrez -

Chris Gatdula -

Culture Shock San Diego  Asian Medley

Culture Shock San Diego 2003 Episode Dance

Golden Rule

If you're having some kind of weird crazy thought right now just ask yourself to stop and go,

"Is that shit really true?"