This week on the  Kinjaz Podkast we have one of the earliest adopters of the Youtube platform, David Choi!  Against parental wisdom he chose to do everything he possibly could do have a career in music the way he wanted it.

His love for music and creation is apparent but the talk on how obtaining knowledge will help you to get to where YOU want to be and not where everyone thinks you should be is straight fire!


KIN Aesthetik:

VIBE Dance Competition:


I love listening to podcasts because it really expands my mind.  I listen to podcasts from a business perspective…I think the way that I approach life is; Everything is an opportunity for learning and expanding your mind.  And the more information you know, the better off you are as a human being, the more well rounded you are, the more accepting you can be of different perspectives and I think when you can understand the perspective on the other side I think you can be more of service.


Golden Rule

Love People, Respect People.