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00:26:56 - Biggest takeaway from being put into a leadership position.

Yes the thought comes in my mind like looking in hindsight is that like to me being a great leader is the ability to foster and cultivate future leaders.


I started to learn more about expressive art therapies utilizing the arts as a therapeutic modality. And as I started like looking into that more I started seeing the parallels are like damn. Like all these things that I learned through music and through dance like these are the very things that they what they talk about with expressive art therapy.


00:37:32 - Here Bueno describes how a liminal space like a group therapy session can be related to dance cypher.  Whoa.


01:01:24 - The conversation starts going deep in the parallels of dance as an escape from regular life to using it as a vessel to continue to learn about oneself.



1:08:55 - Talking to your young self.



Golden Rule

Embrace the Paradox