Welcome to the Kinjaz Podkast!!!  Where we discuss dance, life and whatever the f*ck we want!  We thank you so much for joining us on this podcast journey!

In this episode we talk about how the podcast, "Movement in the Shadows" came to be.  We tell the story about the "Souplantation Revelation," how Ben, Charlie and I (Mike) had lunch at Souplantation after a rehearsal talked about our love for podcasts and then all decided we needed to make it happen.

We wanted a platform where people could talk freely and have unfiltered conversation about things related to the dance world…or whatever the f*ck they want.

We want to bring on not only Kinjaz but dope people who inspire us from many different walks of life.

If there is anyone who you want us to bring on make sure to leave that either on a comment here on the blog or comment on iTunes!

We appreciate any and all feedback you have for us.  We want to learn, grow, and get better at podcasting for you the community we are serving!