<00:43:13>  Origin of the name Scott "Afters."

<00:05:29>  Growing up barely passing school, homelife & middle child syndrome.

<00:07:58>  Finding a knack for money and the early signs of entrepreneurship.

<00:12:08>  Decent at quick math but apparently that’s not necessarily needed to be successful.

<00:13:35>  Orange Coast College, Cal State Fullerton & majoring in Communications.

<00:14:39>  Car culture, flipping cars & saving money for college.

<00:17:17>  "Savings" mindset ingrained in from family.

<00:19:20>  Goal setting ability or forward thinking in affording what you want later on?

<00:22:19>  First business ventures after college.

<0023:27>  How do you approach different business ventures that you're not good at…yet?

<00:26:36>  What does it mean to "be good at business?"

<00:29:22>  The fear of Public Speaking and dropping his first class in college.  The importance of communication in EVERY industry.

<00:31:17>  Being mischievous as a child and the "try everything" mentality.  Overcoming hurdles and unlocking potential.

<00:34:02>  The many ways to find your path to success.

<00:34:55>  Learning to be disciplined is the hidden meaning to schooling.

<00:37:57>  The meaning of entrepreneurship.

<00:42:42>  Opening your mind and challenging yourself vs. the 9-5.

<00:43:31>  You gotta know what you're good at.

<00:45:40>  Guiding the youth and positioning them to shine.  Trust.

<00:46:54>  Self-proclaimed "Serial Entrepreneur."



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<00:49:25>  Being a visionary & forecasting the new hot thing.  Giving those concepts tweaks the chance at high level success.

<00:52:31>  Tapping into the skill of making something people want.  Why Afters is different.

<00:53:48>  Turning $12,000 to a $50 Billion dollar business.

<00:57:07>  Make it cooler.

<00:59:07>  5 years and 28 locations later.

<01:00:24>  It's all in the psychology.

<01:01:51>  What kind of learner are you?

<01:03:30>  Kinjaz X Afters Collabo.

<01:07:31>  Instagram and FOMO.

<01:08:42>  How do you approach failure?

<01:10:11>  It's not all about success…its about learning.

<01:12:04>  Business with friends.

<01:15:53>  Daily routines or exercising your mind?

<01:18:15>  Flipping between a regular school calendar and block system for life.

<01:19:02>  Do you think you'll ever retire?

<01:19:55>  What is success to you?

<01:21:01>  LIGHTNING ROUND!

<01:24:13>  Less of More of.

<01:24:32>  GOLDEN RULE.