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 <00:03:52>  How did music find you?  Justin goes into how growing up with musical parents immersed him deeply into the art.

<00:05:01>  High school and how more music became available to him to open him up to more writing.

<00:06:08>  Wanting to be a recording artist at a young age.

<00:06:50>  Dropping out of college and the pushback from choosing music over school.

<00:10:39>  Shaping his career path and the development of his artistry.   Creating the curriculum of being an artist.

<00:14:17>  Finding his identity from a genuine and honorable place.

<00:17:26>  23 years deep into finding his voice.  Learning from emulating.

<00:20:27>  The hurdles of being an Asian-American R&B artist.

<00:22:02>  Going global or stay local?  Putting in the time and achieving anything and everything.

<00:23:10>  Justin Park - "Places like Home."


<00:25:01> XL Uber and collabing with Amber Liu. -

<00:26:38>  Life in the day and training regiment.



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 <00:28:51>  Mentors and development.

<00:29:50>  Dealing with burnout and balance.

<00:31:43>  Looking forward to the rest of 2019 and onward.

<00:33:27>  Decompressing from music and resetting.  Getting away and having fun.

<00:36:24>  What are some of things that are motivating you to pursue this career?

<00:37:52>  How would you define success for yourself?

  • Tupac  "Changes"

  • Michael Jackson  "Black and White"

<00:40:40>  LIGHTNING ROUND!

<00:44:47> - Less of More of.

<00:45:31>  Golden Rule!

  • You have to JUMP!