On this episode of the Kinjaz PodKast our fellow Kinjaz brother and Superstar in China, the one and only, Jawn HA!

He is an artist, an entrepreneur, a vault of brain games and life quotes, but just an overall great dude and visionary.

If you're a part of this dance community then for sure you know who this guy is, but if you don't or your new to the scene we have something truly unique that will make your head explode.

Show notes:

Get Outta Your Mind - Lil Jon / Jawn Ha Choreography, Hip Hop Music / URBAN DANCE CAMP


time stamp: 2:57 for Jawn's section.

The first 10 minutes of the interview we get into how Jawn's brother Chris got him into dancing during High School in the All Male Dance Team.

Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/hawsome

There were definitely factors in making him want to dance but I'll let you find out the major influence.

At around the 10:20 mark Jawn says,

…you could tell, had you made just one decision, its like a yes or no, if you made one decision over the other your life would have been drastically you know different.  So I am, I am appreciative of dance and where its taken me and where its brought me so far.  Uh and yeah I’m on a life mission to give back while creating more, you know, for others to chase this lifestyle.


That was an insanely deep quote.  I'm sure many of you have been faced with a decision that was completely life changing.  He was faced with the decision to jump into the unknown away from the, "regular" life with "normal" decisions or to choose passion, curiosity, and dance.  All themes that we've heard before on the PodKast.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to Episode 3: Anthony Lee & Mike Song click here to listen to the conversation on "Curiosity vs. Passion."

Still growing up in the era, if you’re a 2nd Generation Asian, your family has immigrated to America you know they sacrificed so much so it was up to you to make the right decisions not to disappoint to not take advantage of the situation and to not take it for granted that you’re given this opportunity to choose your career path.  So a lot of families or Asian-American families would kind of push their children to more solidified career paths like the most generic nursing, doctors, business, and the sort.  So choosing dance and investing time into too heavily was not necessarily encouraged, but I’m fortunate enough that my family has been supportive about any kind of endeavor.


My dad's Golden Rule was always just, "You can do whatever you want, but whatever you choose you must do it well."

Jawn's definition of Dance Community:

For me looking at it from a 3rd person perspective, the community was kind of like a place where people could gather without being judged without being…auditioned in a sense to be who you are as a dancer as an artist to create freely to present freely to share the stage and perform live for a audience regardless of sexual orientation, gender, weight, sex appeal, whatever right because in the in the industry world this is where community doesn’t really exist the industry world is all work-based…you’re trying to get a job so youre gonna compete with other people to get one job opening or things of that sort so there’s no support in the job hunt.


The community by definition is a group of people coming together to support one initiative.

At about the 22:40 mark Jawn talks about his clothing brand, Contour Hooligans and how it came to fruition with his best friend, Jeff Addenbrook.

Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/graymatterzart


To define the shape and form of something or anything.


A troublemaker; someone who causes a ruckus.

Someone who stands out.

Contour Hooligans:

The brand that defines the shape and form of people who stand out.

"If your brand has a culture then people will follow it."

The Ha Dynasty.  Without the Ha Dynasty Kinjaz/ Kin Aesthetik wouldn't be where it is.

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/davidvha

Facebook:  Papa Ha

Jawn mentions at 51:48 that a show called "Rap of China" popularized youth and Hip-Hop Culture in China.

Following the boom that it made, tv producers thought it might be good to highlight dance as well.

They hit him up because Jawn had appeared previously in 2016 on a different tv show but thought he would be perfect for the project.

Youtube Search:  Rap of China


Youtube Search:  Street Dance of China Jawn Ha



Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jawnha/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jawnha




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