Today on the PodKast we have National Poetry Slam Champion, Hip Hop culture keeper and hailing from Durham, North Carolina, G Yamazawa.  He talks on the grassroots poetry movement and his move to LA to pursue music.


"Money is Time" on iTunes


"Shouts to Durham" on iTunes

I was able to dig up his National Poetry Slam piece about his grandma.  Honestly this floored me.  His energy when he speaks is so heartfelt but extremely powerful.  This guy is insane.

G. Yamazawa - "Dear Grandma" (NPS 2014)


So right now its trying to stay focused and not be swayed by both the incline or the decline.  Man I think I have trouble getting swayed by things feeling like their falling off and also getting swayed by things feeling like their bout to pop, ya know and I kinda just have to learn how to…I think theres one thing I’m working on as I’m maturing man its just like how to really stay solid in my goals and my values…



To develop your own voice so that you can move through the world on your own and to think critically and to follow your heart.  Its actually kinda simple.

"Cutie and the Boxer" - The documentary G mentions about the old guy and art.

Cutie and the Boxer


However you feel about whatever economic systems I believe there an infinite amount of money out there and its about building the fortune in your life to attract money into your life.
If you look at money as not this thing that you can either get or give its more of a flow that you’re either a part of or not based on how much, what kind of efforts your making in your life to kind of bring that money in your life.

The bars begin at 1:23:25.


Golden Rule 1:32:50

I’ve always loved my art and I’ve loved art more than money, and I’ve always loved people more than art.  So I’ve kind of lived by that for sure where my art always is more important that the money is and the people involved with the forms and the people in general will always trump the art itself.