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• Honey: Rise Up and Dance (Netflix) -

• Wu Assassins (Netflix) - (Check out 2:08)

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• Franklin & Bash Season 1 Ep 9 -

• Walking Dead Season 3 Ep 3, 5-6 -


I think the only way TO go at it, is to believe that it is…that the opposition isn’t as crazy as everyone else believes or that the noise that provide.  I feel like the only way is to look at it like, you know what, everyone has their negative and positive qualities when they go into a room.  Whether you’re you know, whatever color you are.  I don’t know I feel like that mindset will make you just want to do good work instead of going into a room and thinking, “Here we go, I’m an Asian-American Man, they’re going to look at me differently…

• NCIS: LA Season 5 Ep 22 -


Its not impossible, but I feel like people would look at the breakdown and see the name and immediately think, I’m not going to book this part, this is for a white guy his last name is Stikler.  Its limiting beliefs I think that people set these limiting beliefs in their minds, its like I can’t do this, and they believe it.  You know whatever we believe we’re going to act out in that kind of way. So…we just can’t think like that in anything that we do…otherwise we’re just punching ourselves in the face…


I have  a booklet that I have that I write down…every week I write down 2 things that I’m thankful for, so that  during that week if I get into a headspace where I’m like thinking negatively about anything I resort back to those 2 things…and that sort of changes my mindset in that moment.  And then I write down goals for the week and they’re just simple things like, I don’t know “put things away” you know just simple things like I feel like if you can accomplish these tiny things than you can do bigger things.  If you can’t even do the simple shit then how the f*ck are you going to do anything that’s beyond that.


Yes, because I do feel like with dramatic characters you can still find humor in it, I feel like comedy is more funny when its more real. And so when you get to do dramtic things there are definitely moments where its funny because its just a real life moment and its so obscure and so bizarre.

 • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz :

• A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life's Purpose - Eckhart Tolle:

• 12 Rules of Life:  An Antidote to Chaos:

On Regrets:

I guess being present in the moments in the past.

On Success:

Being fully aware of whats happening right now; being present in this moment.  I feel like when we ask ourselves whats the most important thing in your life right now it should be this.  Right? Because this is whats happening.

Enjoying.  Spread the Love.  Be Positive.  I think if you’re doing that you’re open enough to receive love as well I feel like you are successful in that kind of way.

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