This week on the PodKast we have Writer/Actor/Director/All Around Asian Guy Justin Chon!

We talk about his journey up the acting ladder into writing and directing, his philosophy on goal setting, and what fuels him to keep pushing forward as an Asian-American man in Hollywood.  Stay tuned for the all the laughs, bouts of nostalgia and the heroic journey from Extra to Actor.

 Justin Chon

4:14 - …tricking yourself into making things digestible for yourself is at least for me been how I've been able to continue to go forward.  You know like when you're running long distance and you go okay, just get to that fire hydrant but then you run past it then you go again and its like I'm still running so I might as well get that light post…


7:35 - You know being Asian though like we're taught to never cry, we're taught to swallow our feelings and all that stuff and I was like WOW…I'm getting like applauded, I'm getting like praised for being you know emotionally honest, that’s cathartic and that’s when I was hooked…

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14:14 - Hey so like I'm starting to write, how do I get better?

Write everyday.


16:18 - People think theres like um, they always think theres a destination.  Theres no destination.  The destination is just…its just the process…it’s just the journey…and the destination those are just sign posts along the way…theres no end all be all because if you do get that, you're still gonna be unhappy.


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1:00:15 - Success for me again is not a destination, it’s a journey of life.  It’s the process.

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