• Nsync / Britney Spears - 1999 MTV Video Music Awards

  • Michael Jackson


  • Smooth Criminal Music Video

Nick Demoura and & Ian Eastwood Collabo - Miles Away


Young Lions

The Underdog :  It’s the person that wants to be in the top spot and has the hunger to be there and the drive, but you know they got a lot in front of them as well.  They have a long way to go.  They still have to have the torch passed to them, they still have to earn their spot thru their journey…

  • Colin Tilley


  • Vic Mensa


  • Vini vs Ian | Final | All Styles Battle | Fair Play Dance Camp 2018



If you’re ever to collect any money off of something that you’re really passionate about and you love, like at that point in your life you can’t really ask for much more than that right because whatever you’ve done to put you in that position to like to just buy really anything it doesn’t have to be that you’re living off it but if you’re able to like gain from something that you put so much of your life into without expecting anything back that’s like the ultimate sign of life giving back to you…