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Keone and Mari are the epitome of dance powerhouses with ever so gentle voices so we did our best to boost the volume and balance everything as best we could.  Its not perfect but the words said hold much value; its too good not to give a listen.

We talk about their dance origins and how deep their connections into Urban Dance or what the beginnings of were at the start of their journeys as International Choreographer/Teachers.

If you're ever in San Diego…and want to see what Mari was talking about regarding certain wall prototypes.

I searched high and low for those specific "Urban Legends" workshop classes that both Keone and Mari spoke about but it seems like everything seems to have been deleted before 2011 but in taking a look I rediscovered a lot of videos from super dope choreographers/dancers that are worthy of a peek:

I tried so hard to find a clip of the Coldplay piece that they said was the first song they ever collaborated on.  Its so hard finding specific pre2009-2010.  In the process you do find gems and if you go down their rabbit holes you'll find some pretty memorable and game-changing stories depicted in dance form.

Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin | He Won't Go


Authenticity will read much stronger than your tried attempt to look cool or look artistic—we all know when people are trying and then you can also see when its just the real thing and people gravitate way more to the real things cuz I think you also become more human, more relatable and then when you put out that banger piece its like see, that’s why I love them.  Freak those people are really good at what they do.
— Ben
You never know whats going to happen, you kinda have to be open to how your journey will twist and turn.  You can’t really predict it, but I think what we try to do is make work that we believe in and that we’re proud of and do jobs to be professional and to be authentic genuine people.
— Mari
—Trail of breadcrumbs—what you leave behind even attracts certain people to the kind of breadcrumbs you’re leaving behind.  If you’re creating work that’s inspirational, impactful, thoughtful, and innovative you’re gonna attract those kinds of creatives to work with.  If you’re creating things that are shortminded, and just heightened in the moment and its gonna be fleeting its gonna be gone you know.  Every day is a new day now on social media.  Its always fleeting—
— Keone

Nghia Pham.  Wow I think we've all seen the reposts of workouts that they do with Nghia and its crazy to now understand their mentality to working out has more to do with how they achieve the athletic movement they push themselves to do FOR DANCE rather than doing workouts to target cosmetic areas.  I think we can all work a little bit harder.

Keone and Mariel Madrid plyometric training session with Nghia Pham

Now lets all work even harder.  Don't forget to check out Nghia's Instagram to see their current level.

—We do a lot of performance training; So its not just specific to movement but specific to our movement.  So it’s a lot of one-legged things, athletic movements, explosive mixed with complex movements.  The kind of movement we do is very complex and in a position…and so its how do you get stronger in that position versus like laying down in a bench press—are we ever going to utilize that?  Yeah we come off the ground, but dance is so much more.  Its about mobility and strengthening the mobility and also quickness and flexibility.  Its EVERYTHING.
— Keone


He can we not address NBC's World of Dance?

Lets just show you.


Ruth Visual Sample

RUTH - Chapter 1 Audio/Visual Sample | by Keone & Mari feat some of the best dancers in the world