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Ronnie -

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Neguin -

<00:04:20>  History of the Red Bull BC One one-on-one B-Boy competition and creation of the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

<00:05:23> Counting All-Stars and new member.

<00:05:52>  How are the BC One All Stars chosen?

<00:06:51>  Red Bull BC One Final 2006

<00:07:37>  Origin of Neguin and growth from Capoeira.

<00:09:48>  RoxRite shares his story starting at school dances.

  • RoxRite vs. Hong10 UK B-Boy Champs

  • BC One World Finals 2011 RoxRite vs. Lil G

  • RoxRite at FSS 2013

  • Squadron vs Top9 FSS2 2014

<00:13:17>  Ronnie shines the light moving from Guam to SoCal and finally settling in Vegas where he followed in the footsteps of his older cousins.

  • Red Bull BC One 2007 Ronnie vs RoxRite

<00:18:55>  Dance on television and in movies impact on the B-Boy Underground Culture.

<00:24:32>  The parallel of dance and sports.

<00:26:36> Red Bull Athletes, stamping culture and spiritual connection.

  • Bboy Remind


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  • Radiotron 1996  Style Elements vs. Renegades part 1

  • Radiotron 1996 - Style Elements vs. Renegades part 2

<00:41:07>  Training, stamina and being strategic with rounds in battle.

<00:43:11>  ABDC, NBC World of Dance, going into the competition with their competitive spirit and breaking out of their comfort zones.

<00:46:05>  2024 B-Boying in the Olympics!

<00:52:30> Fusion of foundational elements translating to Urban Dance.

<00:57:59> How long have you all been dancing individually?

Red Bull BC One Cypher -

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