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In this episode of the PodKast we welcome the founders and creators of the Kinjaz, Anthony Lee & Mike Song.

This episode is so special because they tell a more unfiltered version of the humble beginnings of how they met in college and performed as Anbu Black Ops together for a last hoorah performance for Abacus Lee.

Anthony mentioned how good friend and fellow Kinja, Jason Park, let them have a 12 minute show at VIBE:

Steps for Success:

  1.   Ask good friend to have a spot in dance show.
  2.  Start a revolution.


Jason Park: @jasonpark85

Vibe Dance Competition: @vibedancecomp

CADC.  Fur Coats.  Nuff Said.

Kaba Modern 6 on America's Best Dance Crew season 1.


Tony Tran:  @xtonytran

Lawrence Kao:  @iamlawrencekao

“I think you should pursue it, but if you’re going to pursue it, I think at the barest minimum you should think of it as a 9-5, you should be putting in 9-5 hours just as much, IF NOT MORE, because you get to pursue you’re passion. So don’t think of it as some like, YO I’m just gonna have fun dance, think of it like, in order to earn that, then you should be working harder than any other person is at some 9-5 job, because the responsibility is just the same if not more.”
— Jerrie Song


Jerrie Song: @jerrie8

This is such incredible older sibling advice.  Right on the money.

To me the only things that, like, I can only talk about my personal experience. You know what I mean, to really go out there and say this is my advice, I can’t do that like, I can give an opinion, you know what I mean. Advice is a very very serious thing to offer anybody. Just like Mike said, you know what I mean, if you’re curious, ya know whatever it is you’re going for, GO FOR IT. If you go for it, Go for it FOR REAL in order to understand. To me if you’re going to ask me about college I can only draw from my experiences. If I didn’t go to college I wouldn’t have met Mike, If I wouldn’t have met Mike we wouldn’t have Kinjaz. If we didn’t have Kinjaz we wouldn’t be here.
— Anthony Lee

If you're ever wondering about finishing college or even attending college in the first place...find this section.

…just follow your curiosity…’cause I think if you are genuinely curious about something it will illicit the most genuine actions from you, you know what I’m saying, versus what other people think you should do or what the societal expecations are. But if you’re genuinely curious about something I think that’s the life experience right following like hey I’m so curious about this I need to find out more about this.
— Mike Song
Choose curiosity over passion.
— Addy Chan Song

I thought that quote was interesting so I did exactly what Mike said to, I "Googled it."  After a few links that led to results from different quotes I found this blog.


I won't go into detail about it.  I'll let you analyze your own consciousness about it.

At around 1:08:00 we hear the conversation circle back to an interesting topic.  What are your thoughts?

"Dance is our Sport."  Is dance a sport?

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity




1.  express one's opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic.

"he was pontificating about art and history"


hold forth, expound, declaim, preach, lay down the law, sound off, dogmatize, sermonize, moralize, lecture

There is no one style. It’s a combination of the most effective and most efficient ways to take down an opponent. But its to study ALL styles to create your own style.
— Ben Chung

Okay okay this quote isn't really by Ben, its his paraphrased version of what Jason Scott Lee said in his portrayal of Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

That definitely wasn't a link to the movie.  I guarantee awesome.


Anthony Lee:

Instagram: @_anthonylee_

"Work Hard Stay Humble"


Mike Song:

Instagram: @mikeosong

Odin: @odinthelittlechinaman

"Duality of Hustle & Humility"



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