This week on the Kinjaz PodKast we have none other than the Internet's Psycho-Mathologist Dominic "DTRIX" Sandoval!!!

Dtrix sums up his life/dance/youtube story and gives us insight into his method of "ChoreoMathography."  He also breaks down the subscious and how he uses his understanding of it win at life.



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WE WON $1,000,000

In that video Dtrix explained how he choreomathed their last few routines.  Here they are:

World of Dance 2018 - The Lab: The Cut (Full Performance)




"Seriously shoutout to The LAB (

 and it doesn't even matter and any choreographer knows without the ingredients you can't even make any meal possible so it just so happens that these 15 ingredients are the greatest ingredients in the world."



...that if these kids can understand that if you choose love over fear you will win every single time, even if you don’t actually win.  As long as you win inside yourself, you will always win. #gobango



If Travis Wall can stand there and look out to the audience at the right time and that’s a huge moment, how is that not dance?  So maybe dance is also not moving at all. #gobango  So its one of those things the way I look at dance is nothing more than just visuals to a sound, so why does it have to be a certain way. I’m not like a…like I wanted to learn everything from the greatest to completely forget it cuz I think there is where you experience freedom again and you’re a kid. So if you have the…of you have this outlook like a kid and you don’t know rules yet, you’re gonna take on the world with completely open arms willing to run as fast as you can, fall, and get up but unless you saw someone cry and youre in pain you don’t know that exists so now you pick that up and realize you can do that so for me its just completely thinking as much as I can as a kid learn the foundation as quickly as I can to forget about it and ask the standard of that craft or research them if they’re dead and say just keep trying to figure out how do I have empathy and sympathy for this person, how do I understand their vision as quickly as I can so I can basically just can forget about it I guess…


It was never about freaking winning the show. It has nothing to do about that, and that’s the crazy part about that, I used to think it was about that.  But the outcome never made me happy.  It was the rehearsal room, it was the f*cking rehearsal rooms with the guys and hanging out and making stupid shit and having a great time, right and that’s called fulfilment. And I believe success without fulfilment is ABSOLUTELY the ultimate failure.  I don’t care how much money you have, I have Youtuber friends who have millions of dollars and their upset now because they only make 1 million dollars a year….


Dtrix mentioned this quote:

An artist is a just a kid who made it thru adulthood.

I wasn't able to find the author but I still wanted to keep it there to share.  We all just have to go thru life creatively with child-like wonder.  Then we'll all be happy.

Golden Rule

Love Decisions.
If you choose Love over Fear you’ll have the greatest life of all time.