Ellen Kim - https://www.instagram.com/ellenkimchee/

<00:03:21>  Ellen's origin story.

  • Kaba Modern Broom Piece.

Shaun Evaristo Carnival 2006

<00:10:12>  Ellen talks about how the nerves of LA and class-taking were kryptonite and caused her to teeter with moving back home to SF and staying in SoCal.

  • David So (Genius Brain w/Ellen Kim)

<00:11:48>  Issues at home / Movement Lifestyle / Car Accident / Mission to the Philippines.

<00:17:37>  How did your dance hustle evolve from 2010 to present day?

<00:20:14>  The trials of choreographing/dancing/teaching at the same time a child entered the picture.

<00:27:10>  Full circle talking with friends about shared personal issues.

<00:28:01>  Contemplating abortion at 4 months.

<00:33:23>  Reality.

<00:36:27>  Went from a teaching job in Rio De Janeiro to booking a job with HUGE artist and traveled to Europe.

<00:45:14>  Being introverted and dealing with relationships.

<00:47:44>  Struggles in the way and the strength to stand up for herself.

<00:49:34>  Being accountable for Kaya.

<00:50:48> Refining gold through fire and Hard Work.

<00:55:03>  Thoughts about surrounding yourself in a good healthy community?

<00:57:32>  Choosing to openly hang out with people.  Staying positive, active listening, and picking brains.  Human Connection.

<1:03:44>  Current aspirations.

<1:08:08>  How would you define success?


<1:18:07>  GOLDEN RULE!!!