Today we have the Ultimate Urban Tycoon & Ice Cream God, Andy Nguyen.  This guy has been a hustler his entire life and has accolades upon accolades to back it up.

We talk on his journey from real estate, to clothing, to ice cream, to even more widespread food industry takeover.  His IG stories will definitely give you FOMO and a hunger to succeed, then go eat.


The Legendary Clothing Brand.

IMKING - Imaginary Kingdom

The pages haven't been updated since 2015 but just taking a look at the designs and look books is pretty inspiring.


Check out the SWAG!


The Anti Diet Diet Club and the Off-Diet pieces had me rolling!


AFTERS Collab with @kinjaz


  Around 57:00

Somebody up there wants me to do really well obviously…and also keeps it challenging for me at the same time.  I don't know--being a master--I think theres just so much more; I meet different people like you guys and I talk about things--like I would have never thought that way.  And for me I'm always picking things apart and learning. I'm forever a student.  I don't know if I'll ever  master anything, I'm okay if I don't master anything but I’m okay with being a student for the rest of my life.


All those hardships that I’ve taken they’ve taken me to where I’m at today and to be more aware of how I take myself in the future.

 Food Blog:


 Andy's view on success.

 Success is different for everyone.  I think success comes from what your values are to you and whats important to you.  Once you figure out what your set of values are and not try to compare what someone else’s values are, then you’ll be able to live a lot happier.

Andy's favorite book:

Start With Why - Simon Sinek


Make sure you tell the greatest story never told.

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