Happy top of the week! Today, we have an OG dance community head that you might recognize as the resident DJ on @theellenshow. Stephen @sir_twitch_alot Boss came from the grassroots dance community and broke his way into Hollywood.

Twitch, has done everything from competing on shows like Star Search, The Wade Robson Project, and So You Think Can Dance, and found himself as a runner-up in all those shows. He didn’t let the loss from these shows take him off his path to make his mark for dance. He kept pushing, and in doing so found opportunities to venture into other disciplines such as acting and hosting.

The gold about Twitch’s story is not all the accolades and projects he’s been on, but really his sharply focused “WHY.” In this chat, Twitch really breaks down the importance of being honest and true with yourself.

He says that at the end of the day, the “hustle” just becomes noise that will never quiet down until you figure out what is authentic to you. This couch conversation goes deep and hits home in the realest way.

So excited for you guys to get into it. Happy Inspos!

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Let some of these sink in.

You still actually have to genuinely want what you’re going for. You have to genuinely want it and not like convince yourself that you want it but like actually genuinely want it in here like it’s easy to be like up here like yeah I want to do that.
I’m such a fan of dance in those creative juices get going you scroll and I’m like Oh man I dope! I need to go so you know like you know that I need to go do something turns into like why haven’t I done this yet like it’s been this long and I haven’t done this yet. And if you’re not careful if you don’t check back in you’ll be stressed about you’ll be stressed out about not doing something that you actually never wanted to do.
It always helps to have somebody that actually knows your heart and is also courageous of a friend enough to tell you to like Yo do you want that. Or like OK. That’s different. Like let’s talk about that for a second. Like you know I mean you stressed out this is causing you this is causing you that. It takes those kind of things you know because trying to figure all that out by yourself sometimes it can be incredibly stressful.

I won't list it here but I suggest listening to around 1:06:50 is straight fire.


Discipline vs. Inspiration.