**We would also like to express our apologies for the audio.  There are definitely a few cringy moments but we are aware!  We are learning and figuring out this podcast thing one step at a time.  Thanks for bearing with us!**

In today's Episode we feature the man, the myth, the legend,  SHAUN EVARISTO!  Dancer for artists like Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Bieber & Korean group Big Bang. The creator of Generation 2, The Company along with Pat Cruz, and the world renown Movement Lifestyle.

He talks about his dance journey from the bottom to the top, from humble beginnings in dance class in high school as the only boy in school, to creating Movement Lifestyle.

I really wanted this post to summarize the episode but in the process of putting the summary together I realized A LOT of what he says are quotable things that are probably best served as items to think about.  I will not list all of the quotes but I urge you to take a listen and take your own notes as it goes.

With that said, here are a few that absolutely needed mention:

I never built ML for myself.  I never built ML to make money.  I never built ML to….I never wanted a studio.  I never did. I only wanted to serve and give back to dance because it gave me so much and I needed to find a way to return the favor.
— Sage of Mt. Evaristo


This quote to me is specially impactful.  I feel like I resonate with this so much because for me I've danced for more than half of my life specifically because I wanted to, not because it gave me money.  Dance was that escape away from work, away from school, away from troubled relationships, away from everything.  Dance means so much to some of us that we need to figure out ways of sharing the love to the world.

Here are a few more quotes:

"I am just going to do, and by doing I will have the by-product of doing & creating; I will naturally achieve something."

"Write down everything by hand."

"Self Discipline is Self Love."

"Move is Life."


I am in constant practice every single day of my self work, thru my self work I will benefit the whole
— Shaun

Mike's Audiobook:

"Power of Habit" - Charles Duhigg


Shaun's Vegan Cuisines.  (Los Angeles)

  1. Pho Café
  2. Pine & Crane
  3. Speranza








Thank you again for joining us on Episode 2 of the Kinjaz Podkast!  We have so much lined up for you in the upcoming drops make sure you stay tuned and leave us a comment either here or on iTunes.  Again we appreciate any and all feedback, we are all on the path of constant growth so we want to get better at this and YOU are a BIG part of that journey.

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